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Aadi Enterprises undertake AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) and CMC (Comprehensive Maintenance Contract) and OTS for following medical equipments. We are well known for service and repair of Heart Lung Machine (Terumo Sarns {8000, 9000 & APS1}, Stockert [SC, SIII, C5, S5], Heater Cooler (Terumo Sarns : TCM II, Stockert : SIII HC, 3T), CSZ Hemotherm 400MR / CE, IABP Machine : Datascope [98Xt, CS100 & CS300] with all Spares.

Heart Lung Machine

Terumo Sarns {8000, 9000, APS1}

Heart Lung Machine

Stockert [SC, SIII, C5, S5]

Heater Cooler

Terumo Sarns : TCM II

Heater Cooler

Stockert : SIII HC, 3T

CSZ Hemotherm

400MR / CE

IABP Machine

Datascope [98Xt, CS100 & CS300]